Pre-installed Retrofitted Projector Headlamps


Along with offering OEM/streetfighter headlights, we can also retrofit projector(s) to the headlamp of your choice.


You can choose the headlamp of your preference and we'll take care of installing projectors on the headlamp.


A really cool way to add to the Streetfighter look along with your blacked out (optional) streetfighter headlamp with awesome lighting and looks with Angel and Demon eyes.


We can retrofit projectors to virtually any headlight of your choice as long as there is enough space to install a projector within the housing.


As per your requirements, we can then ship your headlight preinstalled with:


1. Retrofitted projector(s).

2. HID bulb(s).

3. Angel & Demon eyes.

4. Blacked out reflector/smoked headlamp.


Contact us at for further info and prices.  Check out our gallery below to see some of our projector retrofits!